Ego, Just Let It Go Read more

Ego, Just Let It Go

Devotees take different routes in their journey towards spiritual fulfilment. While some adopt the path of Karma (action), others take the path of Jnana (knowledge). Whatever path one decides to choose, his success in reaching his destination lies only in his ability to free himself from the clutches of ego. Since ego is the root […]

‘Saints of South India’ Read more

‘Saints of South India’

Every one has divinity within. Every individual is unique in his own right. Every individual is endowed with infinite power, but because his mind pushes him to the illusory objects outside, he is not able to look inward and realize the greatnesses in him or her. Groping in dark, he is unable to discriminate the […]

Namasankeertanam at Pushpagiri Read more

Namasankeertanam at Pushpagiri

The Gitopadesam was over. The Kurukshetra war was over. The evil forces having been eliminated, the principles of Dharma have been restored. Krishna then called all devotees and said that the purpose for which he manifested on earth has been served and it was time for him to depart. Hearing these words, everyone present there […]

Palani, the Sacred Abode of Lord Muruga Read more

Palani, the Sacred Abode of Lord Muruga

Every day, it is festival day at Palani. People from all over India and abroad come here to have a glimpse of Palani Andavar and get His grace, but when Thaipusam comes, the festivities around Palani defies description. On the Thaipusam day, we find a sea of humanity all united with the aim of experiencing […]