‘Guruji’ Sri A.S. Raghavan Read more

‘Guruji’ Sri A.S. Raghavan

Arumugamangalam is a small village in Tirunelveli District. The year was 1928. Sri Subbiah Sastrigal and Smt. Ramalakshmi Ammal couple felt sad that their four-year old boy was unable to walk. They took the child to the Doctor, but despite his best effort, the Doctor could not be of any help. ‘It seems, the disease […]

Aksharamana Malai (the Marital garland of letters) Read more

Aksharamana Malai (the Marital garland of letters)

A true devotee who has renounced all his desires would surrender unto God and subsist on what he gets as offering from others. He would adopt the ancient practice of Unjavriti; visiting nearby houses by rendering devotional song and seeking alms. One who has renounced his ego and desire has no hesitation in visiting a […]

Dharmamigu Chennai Read more

Dharmamigu Chennai

There are many factors that contribute to Chennai’s greatness and the prime one is the culture, the tradtion and the spiritual values it upholds. Almost every day, one finds some cultural activity like dance, drama or music taking place somewhere in the city. It is the city, where Lord Kapaleeswarar flanked by Karpagambal resides. There […]