Guruvayur, the Heaven on Earth Read more

Guruvayur, the Heaven on Earth

“There shines in holy temple of Guruvayur what at first appears to be an image but in reality, the Truth-Consciousness and Bliss, the Brahman, the Supreme, the incomparable, the incomprehensible, limitless, the ultimate end which all the scriptures, Vedas and human seek.  Blessed indeed is the humanity that such a divine Supreme exists among them […]

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Kanda Sashti Kavacham

A saint went to  Palani to worship Lord Dhandayuthapani.  First, he decided to perform the Giri Pradakshinam; the act of going round the hill reciting the sacred names of the Lord.  As he was walking around the hill, he was distressed to see certain sights.  There were people suffering from acute diseases, there were poor […]

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Few young persons came to see Bhagavan with an introduction letter from Ramakrishna Mission.  One of them asked Bhagavan: “Which is the proper path for us to follow?” Bhagavan replied: “When you speak of a path, first find out where are you now and where do you want to go? Once these are known, then […]