‘Saints of South India’

Every one has divinity within. Every individual is unique in his own right. Every individual is endowed with infinite power, but because his mind pushes him to the illusory objects outside, he is not able to look inward and realize the greatnesses in him or her. Groping in dark, he is unable to discriminate the right and wrong. Like the traveller walking in the veil of darkness and mistaking the lying rope as a snake, he is unable to know the real and the unreal. Like the man caught in the woods of jungles, he is unable to decide which way to proceed.

Who would save him? Who would remind him of his supreme identity? Not the people surrounding him. Not the world to which to which he is deeply attached. Not his competence or intellectual brilliance. It is only an enlightened Guru who can awaken him and lead him to light. It is only from Satsang, where knowledgeable persons meet, he will get a better vision. It is the wisdom of saints revealed through scriptures, Srutis and Satsangs that liberates him from the world of illusion and elevates him to the state of immortality. It is the sages who appear from time to time who turn his attention away from the world and helps him to introspect within; to know who really he is, how great he is and the nectar of bliss (Amritatvam) he possesses.

Right from Ved Vyas from ancient time, Adi Sankara in the middle age, Sri Ramana Maharshi in recent time, saints have been appearing in this sacred land from time to time. Though they showed us different paths like Jnana Marga, Karma Marga, Yoga Marga etc., they all underlined the importance of devotion. Whatever path one pursues, devotion is the first step which elevates and helps him to reach his goal.

An attempt has been made to go into the life and teachings of saints who appeared at different times, with different doctrines. Though the path they showed appeared different, all the roads lead to one goal; to attain the spiritual fulfilment, the Self realization which leads to liberation from the world of attachment and illusion. “Saints of South India”, the book brought out by Amritavarshini E-Magazine , portrays the life and teachings of 38 saints who appeared in the southern land and showed us the path of truth, qualities of virtue and the importance of spiritual values.

Actually, spiritual fulfillment is not obtained from any external source. It is an inner experience. The Self-realization has to come, not from any book, not from any outside source but from within. Ultimately, the flower of Atma Vidya has to bloom from one’s own heart. A book like this may prompt us to go near the lamp but ultimately the light of Jnana which is already there should be brightened with our own inner urge.