Aksharamana Malai (the Marital garland of letters)

A true devotee who has renounced all his desires would surrender unto God and subsist on what he gets as offering from others. He would adopt the ancient practice of Unjavriti; visiting nearby houses by rendering devotional song and seeking alms. One who has renounced his ego and desire has no hesitation in visiting a neighborly house and beg for food. While circumambulating the Arunachala Mountain, a group of devotees was adopting this practice of Unjavriti (seeking alms). Once, they came to Bhagavan and said that they have been rendering the same song again and again and they needed a new song while seeking alms. They requested Bhagavan to compose a song. As usual, Bhagavan gave his characteristic response in silence. That day, when Bhagavan was going round the hill, followed by other disciples, he remembered the request made by devotees. Normally, a poet needs an inspiration to write but in case of Bhagavan, verses just came spontaneously. He got a book and pencil and went ahead in his circumambulation, composing the verses on the way. By the time he came a full circle, he was ready with a song in the form of a beautiful garland meant to adorn Arunachala, ‘Akshara Mana Malai’. It was a garland weaved with the flowers of devotion bound by the thread of Jnana (knowledge). When the term is split as Akshara Mana Malai it means a marital garland weaved with letters. When it is termed as Aksha Ramana Malai, it means the garland of letters made by Ramana. The 108 two-liner poems, marvelous in the usage of rhythm, perfect in the alignment of words and harmonious in the length of meter is acclaimed as a great devotional and literary masterpiece. It is evident that no human hand could have weaved a garland of such infinite beauty; the garland that reveals the yearnings and aspirations of a true devotee to be immersed in the Lord of her heart.

“Let me melt with love in Thee, Who art Love itself, Oh Arunachala”, Bhagawan says. Some devotees doubted whether such expressions of love can come from a true Advaitin like Bhagavan. Bhagavan replied: “Love is not different from the Self. To abide in the Self, one must love the Self. Since God is Love, love of the Self is love of God. That is Bhakti. Lord Krishna says: “Only by love can men see me, know me and come unto Me” (11.54). The light of Bhakti (love) is kindled initially in the heart with duality and when the light starts shining brilliantly, it paves way for Jnana, the state of Adwaita (non-duality). In fact, Jnana is the result of Bhakti. In bridal mysticism, the devotee, considering himself to be the bride, uses the intimate language of love in conversing with his lover God and ultimately seeks the oneness. The culmination of this union is Self realization.

Great saint-poets like Jayadevar have adopted the lover-beloved relationship (Nayika Nayaka Bhava) to show their devotion. Just as Valli was aspiring for union with her lover, Muruga, the Jivatma is aspiring to merge with Paramatma. Maharshi weaved the marital garland with this approach and says with a bitterness in his tone that it is not appropriate for the Lord, who is known for his manly qualities, to remain unconcerned or unmoved when a loving girl seeks Him with single minded devotion.

Here, Maharshi has weaved a beautiful garland made out of letters that symbolize love and devotion. However, for many devotees, Sri Ramana Maharshi was God incarnate. They could not reconcile to the view that Maharshi who was God by Himself seeking God. When they persisted for an explanation, Maharshi said: “You make your own interpretation”. Every verse of Akshara Manamalai is noted for its beauty, brevity and the simple message it conveys that Arunachala is Self. In all the works of Maharshi, we find a harmonious blending of poetic beauty and saintly wisdom. Never before, the two qualities have combined as ideally as in Akshara Mana Malai or Ulladhu Narpadu. Studying Akshara Mana Malai, which is so very divine, one wonders whether it could have been composed by a human.

Arunachala Vararketra
Aksharamana Malaisatra
Karunakara Ganapathiye
Karamaruli Kappaye

Oh Lord Ganapathi, the embodiment of love, extend your hand and grace me to weave a garland of verses for my bridegroom; the garland that is beautiful and fragrant enough to adorn my Lord Arunachala

Arunachala Siva, Arunachala Siva,
Arunachala Siva Arunachala
Arunachala Siva, Arunachala Siva,
Arunachala Siva, Arunachala

1.Arunachalamena Akame Ninaippavar Akathai Veraruppai Arunachala.
Oh Arunachala, remove the root of ego from the mind of those who think of Arunachala deep in their heart.

2.Azhagu Sundaram Pol Akamum Neeyumutru Abhinnamai Iruppom Arunachala
Just as the two words, Azhagu and Sundaram unite together convey the same meaning, ‘beauty’, Oh Arunachala, let us be together and ever remain as one single entity.

3. Akam Pukunthu Eerthuun Aka Guhai Sirayai Amarvithathu Enkol Arunachala
Oh Arunachala, you have entered into my mind, taken possession of me and forcefully imprisoned me into the cave of your heart. How can I describe this wonderful experience!

4. Aarukka enai andanai akatridil Akilam pazhithidum Arunachala
Oh Arunachala, for whose sake you have taken possession of me? You have come voluntarily on your own and taken me into your fold. Now if you retrace your step, would not the world find fault with you?

5. Ippazhi thappunai en ninaipithai Ini yar viduvar Arunachala?
You have planted the seeds of devotion in me and pulled me towards you. I always remained in your thoughts because you have captured my heart. Now, if you go back, would you not get the blame of letting down your beloved? How would you free yourself from this blame?

6. Eendridum annayir peritharul purivoi Ithuvo unatharul Arunachala
Oh Arunachala, you have bestowed on me the kind of love that surpasses even the love of a mother. Is this not your abounding grace?

7. Unaye matri odathulathin mel Urudhiyai iruppai Arunachala
Even when you reside right in my heart, my mind slips away and wanders in worldly thoughts. Oh Arunachala, grace me to have a firm grip over you so that my mind always remain steady in your thoughts.

8.Oor sutru ulam vidathu unai kandu adangida Unnazhagai kattu Arunachala
Oh Arunachala, my mind has been hovering all around the world. Be kind enough to bring my mind under your control by showing your beauty. Direct my mind towards the reality which you symbolize and allow it to rest there.

9.Ennai azhithu ippothu enai kalavavidil Ithuvo anmai Arunachala
Oh Arunachala, would it be appropriate to your masculine quality if you do not destroy the sense of “I” in me and not take me as one with you?

10.En intha urakkam enai pirar izhukka Ithu unakku azhago Arunachala
Oh Arunachala, why this sleeping pose? When I am forcefully being taken away by others and when I fall victim to the demands of my senses, would you remain indifferent? Would it not mar the noble qualities you are known for?

11.Aimbulka kalvar akathinil pukumpothu Akathinil nee ilayo Arunachala?
Oh Arunachala, when the five thieves (senses) enter into my mind to rob me of my divine nature would you not be there to drive them out?

12. Oruvanaam unnai olitthevar varuvaar Un soothe ithu Arunachala. Oh Arunachala, you are present everywhere and at all times. Who can make an entry to any place, unnoticed by you? Who can hide himself from you and get on with his designs? No one can. If you allow anyone to enter, it can only be your act of deceit.

13. Omkara porul oppuyar villoi Unai yar arivar Aryunachala
Oh Arunachala, you symbolize the Pranava Mantra, “OM”. There is none to equal you and none to excel you. Who can comprehend you as you really are?

14. Auvvai pol Enakkun arulai thanthu Enai aluvathu un kadan Arunachala.
Oh Arunachala, I have come and sought refuge unto you. It is your duty to grace me and conduct me just as a mother attends to her child with care and tenderness.

15. Kannukku kannai kanninri kanunai Kanuvathu evar paar Arunachala
Oh Arunachala, you are the real seer behind my eyes. You provide the vision to my eyes. When you see everything not just with external eyes, who can see your real nature and form? Oh Arunachala, you cast your graceful eyes on me, open my inner eyes and help me to get the vision to see you.

16. Kantham Irumbupol kavarnthenai vidamal Kalanthenodu Iruppai Arunachala
Just as the magnet pulls the iron towards it, you also pull me towards you. Oh Arunachala, having drawn me towards you, never leave your grip over me and keep me always united with you.

17. Giriyuruvakiya kirubai kadale, Krirubai koornthu arulvai Arunachala,
Oh Arunachala, though you appear in the form of a hill, you are indeed the ocean of grace. Take compassion on this devotee and bestow your grace.

18. Keezhmel engum kilaroli mani en Keezhmayai paazh sei Arunachala
Oh Arunachala, who shines in the heart of all devotees without any difference of higher class or lower class, do remove the darkness that surrounds me and enlighten me with knowledge.

19. Kutramutru aruthenai gunamai paninthal Guru uruvai olir Arunachala
Oh Arunachala, who appears as the enlightening Guru, do remove all the impurities like ego from my mind and radiate the light of your grace to me so that I become your ardent devotee.

20. Koor vaat kanniyar kodumayir padatharul
When the enemies spread their net of illusion, there appears women having eyes looking like sharp edged sword. Oh Arunachala! Do protect me from falling into this net and unite me as one with you.

21. Kenjiyum vanjiyai konjamum Irankilai Anjal enre arul Arunachala
Oh Arunachala, I have been waiting for your grace but however much I entreat you and plead before you, you appear to remain stubborn and not showing sympathy a bit. Would you not give your consoling words: “Do not worry, I am here”?

22. Kelathu alikkum unkedil pugazhai Kedu sei yadharul Arunachala.
Oh Arunachala, you are hailed by devotees as generous and compassionate, the Lord who gives liberally even before asking. Now, if you do not give me what I want, would it not damage that good reputation? Oh Lord, bestow your generous grace to me so that your good name as a magnanimous Lord is not marred.

23. Kayyinir kaniyun mei rasam kondu Uva Kaiveri kola arul Arunachala.
Oh Arunachala, I am holding a fruit in my hand; the fruit that gives me the bliss of your real form. As I imbibe the nectar of this fruit, I feel your presence within and am intoxicated in the ecstasy of your grace.

24. Kodiyittu adiyarai kollunai katti Kondu enkan vazhven Arunachala Oh Arunachala, you come with your flag flying high with a determination to kill (the ego) and destroy the individuality (Jiva Bodham). As I have built my relation with you, how can I continue to live with my individual notion? I will be integrated with you.

25. Kopamil gunathoi kuriyai enai kola Kuraiyen seiden Arunachala.
Oh Arunachala! you ever remain in perfect peace and never even for a moment show anger. You have selected me to shower your grace and I wonder what divine deed have I done to deserve this grace.

26. Gouthamar potrum kurai mamalaye Kadaikani thalvai Arunachala.
Oh Lord of Annamalai, many great saints like Gauthama worshipped you and got the privilege of your side glance. Similarly, would I also get a glance from a corner of your eyes?

27. Sakalamum vizhungum kadhiroli inamana Salasamai arthiyidu Arunachala
Oh Arunachala, You symbolize the light of knowledge. The light that radiates from you swallows darkness and illuminates the entire universe. Oh Lord of such infinite power, would not your light reach me and illumine my heart so that the lotus flower in my heart bloom in splendor?

28. Sappadunnai saarnthuna vaayyan Santhamai povan Arunachala
Oh Arunachala, driven by hunger, I came to you with the hope that you would provide me the food but instead, you took me as your food and swallowed me altogether. Having lost my individual identity, I became one with you.

29. Chitham kulira kadhiratham vaithu Amutha vayai thira Arulmathi Arunachala
Oh Arunachala, the Lord full of grace, my soul is warming up for want of your grace. With the cool effulgent rays of your hands, open up the doors to my heart, extend your grace and soothe my soul. Let the cool rays that flow from you radiate all over and rejuvenate my mind, open up my heart and lighten up the lotus flower there.

30. Seerai azhithu nirvanamai seithu Arut seerai alitharul Arunachala
Oh! Arunachala, remove the sheaths that cover up my body as clothes, expose me as I am and put on me the colourful robes of your grace.

31. Sugakkadal ponga sollunarvu adanga Summa porundhidu anku Arunachala.
When my heart is overwhelmed in the ocean of bliss, where the mind, words and emotions subside, Oh Arunachala! come and take your seat in my heart so that I am transcended to the eternal state of happiness.

32. Soothu seidu ennai sodhiyadu ini un Jyothi uru kaattu Arunachala Instead of testing my patience any more by indulging in mischieveous acts, Oh Arunachala, the embodiment of compassion, Oh Arunachala! show me the eternal Jyoti form that truly reflects your real nature.

33. Seppadi vithai katru ippadi mayakkivittu Uruppapdu vithai kattu Arunachala Oh Arunachala, enough of showing some magic tricks that put me in a world of illusion. Show me the constructive way towards self-knowledge that can liberate me.

34.Serai eninmei neerai urugikkan Neeratru azhiven Arunachala
Oh Arunachala, I have been yearning to reach you. If you do not come and take possession of me, the tears that roll out of my eyes would drench me and I would die out of separation.

35. Saiyena thallir seivinai soodumalal Uivakai ethurai Arunachala?
Oh Arunachala, you are my only hope and if you discard me, how can I free myself from my Prarabda Karmas?

36. Sollathu soli nee sollara nillenru Summa irunthai Arunachala
Oh Arunachala, you wanted to convey me the message; “remain in silence without uttering any word”. Is it to convey the message of silence and highlight its importance that you remained quiet, without uttering any word?

37.Sombiyai summa sugamundu urangidil Solveru engadhi Arunachala Oh Arunachala, if, without trying to reach my goal, I remain idle, eating and sleeping, what will happen to me? Who would take care of me?

38. Souriyam kattinai sazhakatrathu enre Saliyathu irunthai Arunachala Oh Arunachala, you have shown your prowess, bestowed your grace and removed my ignorance. Having done all these wonders, you remained quiet and still, as if you are not the cause for it.

39. Njamaliyin Keda Nanen Uruthiyal Naadinin uruven Arunachala Oh Arunachala, reeling under the spell of ignorance, I consider myself worse than dog. But I am determined that I would find out the way to realize you and reach you at any cost.

40. Jnanam illathun asayal thalarvu ara Jnanam therithu Arul Arunachala Oh Arunachala, I have a burning desire to reach you but I lack the power of knowledge to reach you. In my hectic search, I seem to have lost all my energy. Therefore, reduce my anxiety and tension and enlighten me the Vichara Marga; the effective way to realize you.

41. Njimiru pol neeyum malarnthilai enre Nernindranai En Arunachala Oh Arunachala! Like the bee that went near a flower and returned because it thought that the flower had not fully bloomed, would you also come to me and think that I am not fully matured and go back without gracing me?

42. Thatwam theriya thathanai utrai Thatwam Ithu en Arunachala Oh Arunachala, I was ignorant of the eternal truth and still you have graced me. You always remained as the manifestation of truth and give me your advice that would give me the experience of this truth.

43. Thane thane thatwam ithanai Thane kattuvai Arunachala “I am the Truth. I am the Atman”. This is the eternal truth. Oh Arunachala, you are the manifestation of the eternal reality, the Brahman, and you yourself reveal me this truth.

44. Thirumbi akam thanai dhinam aka kankan
Theriyum enranai en Arunachala. Oh Arunachala, you have given me the following advice: “By opening the inner eyes and directing the mind inward, one should question; “Who Am I?” and then the truth will be known.”

45. Theeramil akathil thedi unthanai yan Thirumba utren Arul Arunachala. Oh Arunachala, though I have turned my mind inward and searched the Self shining within me, due to lack of determination (Shraddha), I could not realize you. Oh Arunachala I seek your grace to be able to realize you within.

46. Thupparivu illa ipparappu en bhayan Oppida vaayen Arunachala Oh Arunachala, what is the worth of leading this life in which I do not do ‘Atma Vichara’? It is not worth comparing this kind of life with anything else.

47. Thooimana mozhiyar thoyumun meyyakam Thoyave arul en Arunachala Only seers with impeccable purity who transcend the three qualities of mind, having a clear crystal vision can comprehend your real nature (Swarupa). Oh Arunachala, I pray that I should be able to rise up to that level and be one among them.

48. Deivamenru unnai saarave ennai Sera ozhithai Arunachala Oh Arunachala, I considered you as my only refuge and surrendered unto you and you in turn have eliminated me.

49. Thedathu utranal thiruvarul nidhiyakath ThIyakkam theertharul Arunachala Oh Arunachala, you are the treasure that I got without any search. Remove the poverty of my mind and grant me the inexhaustible wealth of your grace.

50. Dhairyamodum un meyyagam naadayan Thattazhinthen Arul Arunachala. Oh Arunachala, under the influence of ego, I thought that I can reach you with my own effort and will-power but I failed. All my intellectual knowledge has failed me. You alone should help me in my effort by your grace.

51. Thottarut kaimei kattidai enilyan Nattamaven Arul Arunachala Oh Arunachala, by touching me with your sacred hands, lift me up and immerse me into you; otherwise this human birth would not be able to attain its spiritual goal.

52. Thodamil nee akathodu onri enum Santhodam onrida Arul Arunachala Oh Arunachala, you are the epitome of perfection and your divine qualities are as high as a flawless mountain. If I unite unto you, I too become like that. Therefore, let me merge unto you and become one with you. Let us experience the bliss of that ‘togetherness’.

53. Nagaikkidam ilainin nadiya enai Arul Nagaiyittu parnee Arunachala Oh Arunachala, since I have already surrendered before you, this is not the time to laugh at my short-comings. Therefore, put the dazzling ornaments of your grace on me and admire my beauty.

54. Nanilai nadida nanai onri nee Thanuvai ninranai Arunachala Oh Arunachala, I came all the way to seek you and to unite with you. Though earlier you came voluntarily and taken me into your fold, now when I come to you and yearn for you, you appear unmoved and stand like a post, without a semblance of shame.

55. Ninneri erithenai neeru aakkidumun Nin arul Mazhaipozhi Arunachala Before the fire of Jnana that rises from you engulf me, Oh Arunachala, shower your cool grace on my heart so that I would be able to bear the heat.

56. Neethan arapuli nithamkali mayamai Ninridu nilayarul Arunachala Oh Arunachala, remove the concepts of ‘you’ and ‘me’ and grace me to reach a state of union with you, bereft of any difference and always in a state of bliss.

57. Nunnuru unaiyaan vinnuru nannida Enn alai irum enru Arunachala Oh Arunachala, you remain in a subtle form. It is the distracting thoughts that prevent me from reaching you. When would the day dawn when I would free myself from these thoughts and reach you?

58. Noolarivu ariya pethayan enthan Maalarivu arutharul Arunachala I am an ignorant person who has not learned anything from scriptures. Oh Arunachala, remove my Ajnana (ignorance) and awaken my consciousness (Atma Bodha) by your eternal light of truth.

59. Nekkunek urugi yan pukkida unaippuka Nakkana ninranai Arunachala
Having purified myself externally and internally, with the water of devotion and having overwhelmed in love, I have taken refuge unto your Lotus feet, and I found you remaining in the infinite space of knowledge, without any form and without any attire.

60. Nesamil enakkun asayai katti nee Mosam seyyathu arul Arunachala Oh Arunachala, I did not have the devotion towards you. However, it was you who planted the seed of devotion in my heart. It was you who planted in me the seed of desire to reach you. Having done that, is it not your duty to show me the way towards fulfillment of that desire? Having given me the hope, would you not help me to realize it?

61. Nainthu azhi kaniyal nalan Ilai padhathil Naadi Utkolnalam Arunachala A fully overgrown fruit has no use. Only that fruit which is just matured would have the sweet taste. Similarly, Oh Arunachala, take me, when I am enough matured in my devotion, as your fruit. I will be crestfallen if I do not reach you or merge with you. Oh Arunachala, take me unto you before it is late.

62. Nonthidathu unthanai thanthenai kondilai Anthakan nee enakku Arunachala I have not done any tapas or renunciation but still you came to me, destroyed the ego in me and graced me. Oh Arunachala, it indeed shows your great magnanimity.

63. Nokkiye karudhimei thakkiye pakkuvam Aakkinee aandarul Arunachala Oh Arunachala, come as my Guru and make me matured enough by casting your benign eyes on me and by gracing me by your touch. I pray that you kindly render me your valuable advice and elevate me to your own state.

64. Patrimal vidamthalai uttru iru munam arul patrida arulpuri Arunachala. Oh Arunachala, before the serpent of Maya grabs me, encircle me and bite me and before its poison starts working on my head, take possession of me and rescue me.

65. Partharul mal ara parthilai enin arul Paar unakkar solvar Arunachala Just a gaze from you is enough and all illusions would disappear. If you do not cast your benign eyes on me and remove the Maya that surrounds me, who else would take up my cause.

66. Pithuvittunai ner pithanakkinai arul Pitham theli marunthu Arunachala .
Oh Arunachala, leaving aside my obsession towards the world, I have come to you but instead I got into another obsession towards you. In fact, I have almost become mad. Oh Arunachala, since you are a good physician, please treat my madness and elevate me to your level.

67. Bheedhiyil unaichar bheedhiyil enai ser Bheedhi unthanukku en Arunachala. Oh Arunachala, you have no fear. A person like me who is engrossed in fear has taken asylum before you. When you are fearless, why do you fear to give asylum to me, Oh Arunachala.

68. Pullarivu ethu urai nallarivu ethu urai Pullidave arul Arunachala Oh Arunachala, enlighten me as to what is ignorance and what is knowledge? Oh Arunachala, bless me with the true knowledge (Jnana) of the eternal reality so that with this knowledge, I will be able to realize you and become one with you.

69. Poomana mamanam poorana manam kola Poorana manam arul Arunachala Oh Arunachala, my mind, clogged by Vasanas, is longing to attain purity and perfection. If it has to attain complete fulfillment it will be possible only by your grace.

70. Peyar ninaithidave pidithizhuthanai Un perumai yar arivar Arunachala Oh Arunachala, the moment I thought of your name, you have pulled me towards you. Who would know this wonder unless one experiences it.

71. Peithanam vidavida peya pidithenai Peyan aakkinai en Arunachala Oh Arunachala, before the ghost of my ego came to over-power me and take possession of me, what a wonder that you have saved me by gracing me and taking possession of me.

72. Painkodiya naan patrinri vadamal
Patruk kodaikka Arunachala. I am like a creeper that would fall without a support. Oh Arunachala, You alone should give me a base and support me.

73. Podiyan mayakki en bhodhathai parithun Bhpdathai kattinai Arunachala. Just like a magician hypnotizes his audience by throwing some powder, Oh Arunachala, you too hypnotized me by your supreme power and I too came under the spell of your divine power. As a result, my Jiva Bhava (individuality) is eliminated and the consciousness of Siva Bodha is awakened.

74. Pokkum varavumil pothu veliyinal arul Porattam kattu Arunachala.
Oh Arunachala, elevate me to that infinite space of your grace, where there is no appearance and disappearance like birth and death, where you wage battle to defeat the evil forces of ego.

75.Bowdheekamam udal patratu nalum un Pavisukandu ura arul Arunachala Oh Arunachala, remove my attachments towards this body and, bestow me the grace by which I experience your splendor and beauty forever.

76. Malaimarunthu ida malaithidavo arul Malaimarunthai olir Arunachala. Oh Arunachala, I want to cure the disease of my body-obsession and since you are the Chief Physician, I turn towards you for my recovery, but you do not seem to be anxious to find ways for curing my disease. With Parvati, known as the queen of the medicinal mountain on your side, why do you hesitate to treat my disease?

77. Maanamkondu urupavar manathai azhithu Abhimanamillathu olir Arunachala. Oh Arunachala, remove the attachment towards the body, destroy the ego nourished in the mind and transform this devotee to your own state of dispassion and detachment.

78. Minjidil Kenchidum Konja Arivan Yan Vanjiyathu Arul Enai Arunachala. I am so ignorant that I continue to live in the world of Maya and only when I am confronted by problems, I turn towards you. Oh Arunachala, do not think of discarding this ignorant devotee and be graceful enough to accept me into your fold.

79. Meekaman Illamal Makatru alaikalam Aakamal kaatharul Arunachala. When storms gather in the horizon, what will be the fate of a ship without a helmsman, struggling in a turbulent ocean? Oh Arunachala, protect me before I too find myself in a similar situation.

80. Mudi adi kaana mudi viduthu anai ner Mudivida kadanilai Arunachala. Oh Arunachala, my Self and ego are tied up in an intricate knot and with my knowledge I am not able to extricate myself from this knot. Oh Arunachala, come, help me out to untie this knot just as a mother would help her child.

81. Mookkilan munkattu mukuram aakathu enai Thookki anainthu arul Arunachala. A person who has no nose would already be cursing himself for his deficiency. Instead of consoling him, if someone shows him a mirror and say: “See, how you look”, it would only add insult to his injury. Oh Arunachala, instead of highlighting my defects, do help me, elevate me and adopt me as your own.

82. Meyyakathin manamenmalar anayil naam Meikalanthida Arul Arunachala. Oh Arunachala, deep inside this temple called body, there is the subtle heart where at the bed of rose petals, we two would immerse together and become one.

83. Menmel thazhnthidum melliyar sernthu nee Menmai utranai en Arunachala. Oh Arunachala, how is that you became great by associating yourself with the poor and humble?

84. Maimayal neethu arul mayyinal unathu un Unmaivasam aakkinai Arunachala. Oh Arunachala, what a benevolence and compassion you have shown me! You have removed the darkness of illusion by applying the unguent (black mesmerizing solution called Mai) on me and attracting me towards you.

85. Mottai adithenai vetta veliyil nee Nattam aadinai en Arunachala. Oh Arunachala, having shaven off my head (ego) and brought me to the realm of your divine light, you did the celestial dance in bliss in the vast space.

86. Mokam thavirthu un mokama vaithum en Moham theerai en Arunachala. Oh Arunachala, after destroying my attachment towards the world, you have created a deep attachment towards you. Oh Arunachala, pray remove this attachment also and pave the way for self realization.

87. Mouniyai kalpol malarathirunthal Mounam Ithu amo Arunachala. Oh Arunachala, would the act of refraining from talk and remaining like a stone without any clear vision amount to silence?

88. Yavan en vayil manninai atti Enpizhaippu ozhithadhu Arunachala. Oh Arunachala! Who has put an obstacle in my way at a time when I am aspiring to enjoy the attractions of the world? Who has spoiled the presumed ‘happy’ life I was going to lead in this world? Who else can he be other than Arunachala?

89. Yarum Ariyathu en madhiyinai marutti Evar kolai kondadhu Arunachala. Who has taken control of my intellect, without anyone noticing it, and directed it towards himself? Who else he can be other than you, Oh Arunachala!

90. Ramanan enruaithen rosam kolathu enai Ramithida seiva Arunachala. Arunachala would go after devotees, grace them and be ever with them’. I have made such publicity. Oh Arunachala, do not get offended by the liberty I have taken and grace me.

91. Rappakal illa veru veli veetil Ramithiduvom vaa Arunachala.
Oh Arunachala, come, we will go beyond day and night, beyond time and space and ever stay together in the vast expanse of the space, in perfect bliss.

92. Latshyam vaitharul asthiram vittu enai Batchithai prananodu Arunachala.
Oh Arunachala, setting me as the target, you have hurled the arrow of your grace; the arrow that destroyed my ego and Prana (life energy) and united me unto you.

93. Laba nee Ikapara labam il enai utru Labamen utranai Arunachala.
Oh Arunachala, among all the treasures, you are the most precious treasure, whereas I am of no worth either in this world or at the celestial world. As I surrendered unto you, you have given yourself to me and taken me with you but I wonder by taking this worthless person, what have you gained?

94. Varumbadi solilai vanthu en pati ala Varunthidu un thalaividhi Arunachala.
Oh Arunachala, you alone beckoned me and drew me towards you and so it becomes your duty to grace me. You cannot dis-own me now. Perhaps, this is also a part of your fate.

95. Vavenru akampukku un vazhvarul anre en Vazhvu izhanden arul Arunachala
Having called me towards you and having resided in my heart, you have graced me. From that moment onwards, I had lost my own individuality. From now, I have become part of you.

96. Vittidil kattamam Vittidathu unai uyir Vittida arulpuri Arunachala.
Oh Arunachala, if you forsake me, it would not be fair. Therefore, grace me to remain always in your thoughts all through my life. Let me not move away from your thought even for a moment.

97. Veedu vittu eerthu ula viduppukku payya un Veedu kattinai arul Arunachala
Oh Arunachala, what a wonder that you have pulled me by the rope of your grace and taken me to my heart where you reside and liberated me.

98. Velivitten unseyal veruthidadhu un arul Velivittu enaikka Arunachala.
Oh Arunachala, you have graced me, blessed me and united with me and I have revealed it all over the world, in detail. I pray that you do not bear any ill-feelings towards me for this immature act and protect me as usual.

99. Vedhantathe ver ara vilangum Vedhaporaul Arul Arunachala
Oh Arunachala, you have been described as the ultimate of Vedas, the epitome of Vedanta, the one eternal reality. Please help me to remove the distinction between ‘you’ and ‘me’ and impart the eternal truth (Aham Brahmasmi) to me.

100.Vaithalai vazhtha Vaithu arut kutiya Vaiththu enai vidathu arul Arunachala.
Oh Arunachala, be generous enough to treat all the negative words that come out of my mouth as my compliments, accept me as one of your disciples and never go away from me even for a moment.

101.Ambuvil aalipol anbu uru unil enai
Anba karaitharul Arunachala.
Oh Arunachala, the embodiment of love, just as the snow melts naturally in water, let me dissolve into you.

102. Arunai enru ennayan arulkanni patten un Arul valai thappumo Arunachala.
The moment I thought of Arunachalam, I was caught in the net of your grace. Would it ever be possible for me to escape from this net?

103. Sindhithu arulpada silanthipol katti Sirayittu undanai Arunachala
Oh Arunachala, having decided to bestow your grace to this devotee, you built up, like a spider, a wide web, grabbed me the moment I fell into it and swallowed me.

104. Anbodu unn naamamkel anbartham anbarukku Anban ayida arul Arunachala.
Oh Arunachala, I want to remain as a humble servant of your disciples who chant and hear your names with devotion. Oh Arunachala, bestow me your grace to do this service.

105. En polum dheenarai inpura kaathu nee Ennalum vazhnthu arul Arunachala.
Oh Arunachala, take care of humble devotees like me spread all over the world, protect them and grace them.

106. Enpuruku anbartham insorkol seviyum en Pun mozhi kola arul Arunachala.
Oh Arunachala, immersed in devotion, great poets have composed verses in praise of you. Those songs were so appealing that hearing them, even the hard core bones would be melt. Oh Arunachala, you are used to hearing such delightful songs but still have a heart to hear this song of mine also which is not so eloquent or beautiful.

107. Porumayam bhoodara pun solai nansola Porutharul ishtam pin Arunachala.
Oh Arunachala, you manifest as the mountain of patience. I am humbly placing before you this poorly composed poem as my adoration to you. Kindly accept this.

108. Malai alithu Arunachala Ramana En Malai anintharul Arunachala
Oh Arunachala, this garland has been weaved with overwhelming devotion towards you. Put this garland over you and put on me your garland of grace.

Arunachala Siva, Arunachala Siva,
Arunachala Siva Arunachala
Arunachala Siva, Arunachala Siva,
Arunachala Siva, Arunachala