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There are two main stages in life; the first one is where the individual establishes himself and sets a base from which he could grow further. This is the stage where some basic requirements are to be met, like a home, a happy family, a life free from diseases and a life of peace and prosperity. It is believed that a devotee who prays through Thiruppugazh is blessed with whatever that he aspires for. (Adiyavar ichayil evai evai utrana..). Then Thiruppugazh gradually takes the devotee to the second stage, which elevates him to the higher state of Jnana. The first stage is one where the devotee seeks certain things and the second stage is one where he discards them. The first stage is one where he becomes the possessor and the second stage is one where the possessor himself ceases to exist. The first stage is one where he is attached to his dear and near ones and the second stage is one where he is totally detached from the world. It is his devotion that marked the first stage which paves for the dawn of Jnana. Thus, Thiruppugazh is the unique form of worship which guides the individual from the simple level of devotion to the high state of knowledge, stage by stage. As he progresses in his devotion, the Guru appears, enlightens him and guides him to attain liberation (Mukti). Sri Arunagirinathar sets this twin-objective in his Swamimalai song, “Sarana kamalalayathai”. Just after praying for a life of prosperity (Sakala selva yoga mikka peruvazhvu) he prays for Jnana that liberates him from that life (Thakamai Siva Jnana mukti paragathiyum nee koduthu).

It is the grace of the Guru that makes this possible. Guru may teach us either through songs or through discourse or through silence but just by being with Guru or remaining in the company of Guru, the grace starts flowing. The word ‘grace’ (Arul or Kripai) means the experience of having received the divine blessing. When the devotee establishes his link with the God in his own way, he experiences the grace. One may act in many ways by his knowledge or by his will-power or strength, but what he needs for the ultimate success of his venture is the grace. Almost all songs of Arunagirinathar pray for the grace of Muruga. The songs invariably end with the word “Arulvaye”. The grace which the saint seeks in most of his songs does wonders without even the devotee being aware of it. In the song ‘Ainkaranai yothamanam” every line of the song ends with the word “Arulvaye”. Grace me with a mind by which I worship you with love”, he sings. (Unai anbodu thudikka manam arulvaye” . Manikkavasagar says: “It is only by your grace that I will be able to seek your Lotus Feet.” (‘Avan arulal avan thaal vanangi’). In the song ‘Sivanar Manam Kulira’, Arunagirinathar asks for grace coupled with Jnana. (Arul Jnana Inbamathu purivaye). How to obtain the grace with Jnana? It is only the Guru who can grace us and enlighten us. Just the presence of Guru is enough and the grace comes naturally. Seek the Satsang with a heart full of love and devotion and seek the Lotus Feet of Guru and you attain fulfilment. “Guruvai Varuvai Arulvai Guhane”

This website is created by the blessings of Gurus and the encouragement given by Thiruppugazh Anbars. May the grace of Lord Muruga be showered on all devotees.