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The Knower and the Known are One

  After travelling long distances and trekking difficult terrains, Ayyappa pilgrims reach the Sabari Hill. On climbing the sacred eighteen steps, the first thing they see is the mahavakya displayed above: ‘Tatvamasi’, ‘You are That’. This indicates that your Self is Parabrahmn, the eternal reality.  This teaching which underlines the truth of your oneness or […]

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Arut Selvar, Dr N. Mahalingam, being honoured by the author. “Arut Prakasa Vallalar was one of the great spiritual saints. He has shown us the path of truth and knowledge, the path of virtue and righteousness and the path of discipline and compassion. The world is now passing through a difficult phase. We need to […]

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Glimpses of Ramayana in Thiruppugazh

  All devotional works hail the glory (Pugazh) of the Lord and come under the category of Thiru Pugazh but only Arunagirinathar’s works got that title because he alone described the Glory of the Lord truly and completely and rightly deserved the name “Thiru Pugazh”. Arunagirinatha Swamigal, the author of Thiruppugazh was born around 16th […]

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Arul Prakasa Vallalar – The Embodiment of Compassion

  Sri Ramalinga Adigalar, popularly known as Arut Prakasa Vallalar, was a visionary, a divine personality, an erudite scholar, a philosopher, a social reformer and above all a human with a heart full of compassion and love. He was a visionary because he visualized a world without borders; a world without distinctions and differences. He […]

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The Magnificence of Muruga

‘Muruga’; the very word spells charm, splendour, beauty, knowledge and power.  The people worship Him, admire Him, adore Him, respect him and love Him because they find that there is a divine and magnetic appeal in Him.   Muruga, the Lord of love and compassion exercises an enormous influence on the people.  In Palani, we find […]