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Arunagirinatha, the author of thiruppugazh

  Overwhelmed in devotion, Muthamma, a pious lady of Tiruvannamalai, prayed that she should be blessed with a child who would excel not only in her devotion but also in her knowledge. It was sometime in 15th century and the God she prayed was Lord Arunachala. The Lord heard her prayer and blessed her with […]

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Landmark Events in Thiruppugazh

Thiruppugazh is a Maha Mantra, said Seshadri Swamigal. “Oh Arunagiri! Who else can compose a word of truth as beautifully as you” said Saint Thayumanavar. “Oh Thiru Porur Kumara, as your enchanting body is adorned with garlands composed by Arunagiri, I feel the fabulous fragrance from you.” said Chidambara Swamigal. Arunachala Reddiar said the songs […]

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Remain Quiet (Summa Iru)

We always keep doing some action or keep saying some words. Even when we are not acting or speaking, our mind is working overtime and indulging in various thoughts. At times, when things do not go the way we expect them, we become tense. Sometimes, we are in a dilemma, not being able to take […]

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Kandar Alangaram

Arunagirinathar has weaved a beautiful garland to adore Lord Muruga. He weaved not a garland of flowers (Poomalai), but a garland of songs (Paamalai) by way of Kandar Alangaram. Each word appeared like a selectively chosen flower to adore God. Kandar Alangaram, consisting of 102 verses, is a marvelous creation of poetry that portrays the […]

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Kandar Anubhuti

Saints and sages went through different and difficult phases in their spiritual pursuit and attained God realization at the end but Arunagirinathar experienced the presence of Muruga and attained realisation at the very beginning. It is this experience, he has explained in Kandhar Anubhuti. Kandhar Anubhuti is significant in another respect. While other songs of […]

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Arunagirinathar and Thiruchuzhinathar

  Arunagirinathar was born in 16th century and Sri Ramana Maharshi appeared around three centuries later. While Arunagirinathar was born at Tiruvannamalai, graced by Muruga and went all over Tamil Nadu and beyond, Sri Ramana Maharshi born near Madurai reached Tiruvannamalai and never left from there. Blessed by Muruga, Arunagirinathar adopted the path of devotion […]

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Arunagirinathar and Jnana Sambhandar

The Saiva Sidhantam speaks of Siva as the ultimate Truth, Siva as the source of all beings and Siva as the ultimate end of liberation. Arunagirinathar did not see Muruga as separate from Siva. In many of his songs, Arunagirinathar refers to Muruga as symbolizing Siva and he does not distinguish between the two. In […]

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Thiruppugazh, the Musical Way of Worship

All our family members, trained in Thiruppugazh, were rendering the Bhajan at the temple nearby. A family bhajan in a temple? I will begin at the beginning. We are ardent devotees of Lord Muruga. Our devotion grows only stronger every time we feel that God is putting it to test. Once, my brother-in-law left my […]

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You are one among the blessed Anbargals who have been initiated to the Thiruppugazh form of worship. Initially, you would experience as if you are driving a Nano car, going through the streets in your town, doing some shopping (Udukka Thukil Vendum) or looking out for a good alliance (Neelangol Megathin) or attempting to own […]