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Sri Ramana Maharshi, The Eternal Guru

The young age is a very important stage in one’s life. This is the time, like a flower that blooms in the morning, the inherent qualities of the youth unfold, when the perfection within manifests and the urge for spiritual knowledge develops. All that he needs is a stimulus, like the brilliant rays of the […]

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Thiruchuzhinathar and Arunagirinathar

Lord Siva manifests as the mighty mountain at Thiruvannamalai. While Kailash is considered as the abode of Lord Siva, the Tiruvannamalai is considered as Siva Himself. It is believed that liberation is attained by taking birth at Tiruvarur, by worshipping at Chidambaram or dying at Banaras but the mere thought (Smarana) of Arunachala is enough […]

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Aksharamana Malai (the Marital garland of letters)

A true devotee who has renounced all his desires would surrender unto God and subsist on what he gets as offering from others. He would adopt the ancient practice of Unjavriti; visiting nearby houses by rendering devotional song and seeking alms. One who has renounced his ego and desire has no hesitation in visiting a […]

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Self, the Ever Existing Reality

Janaka was the King of Mithila. One afternoon, when he was taking rest, a messenger came and announced that the neighboring ruler has made an invasion into his kingdom. King Janaka got up and ordered mobilization of the troops and went to the border and faced the enemy. In the war that followed, Janaka was […]

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Self Knowledge

Most of us have acquired higher degrees by passing certain examinations.  The certificate issued by the Universities declares that we got specialization in the specific field we have chosen to study.  Now, after many years, assuming that I am going to sit in the same examination hall, I may not be able to answer the […]

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Power of Silence

Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi seldom communicated in words and in his presence, the devotee never felt the need for a word. The spell of silence was overwhelmingly present before Maharshi. Before him, one could feel the power of silence as if it was a solid substance. Kunju Swamy said that it was like a Dhara, […]