Arunachala Ramana and Kanchi Paramacharya Read more

Arunachala Ramana and Kanchi Paramacharya

The eternal power which the Brahman represents, the source of knowledge, that illuminates the whole universe is manifested as Arunachala and shines brilliantly at Tiruvannamalai. The name Arunachala spells truth, knowledge and bliss. While Kailash is considered as the seat of Lord Siva, Tiruvannamalai Mountain is considered as Siva Himself. It is believed that liberation […]

Sri Ramana Maharshi, The Eternal Guru Read more

Sri Ramana Maharshi, The Eternal Guru

The young age is a very important stage in one’s life. This is the time, like a flower that blooms in the morning, the inherent qualities of the youth unfold, when the perfection within manifests and the urge for spiritual knowledge develops. All that he needs is a stimulus, like the brilliant rays of the […]

The Grace of Arunachala Read more

The Grace of Arunachala

“That which is known as the heart of earth, at whose caves live the enlightened souls of saints, that which gives refuge to devotees, such a place is called Arunachala which enables self Realisation”. The power that originates from Arunachala, the grace that emanates from here and the light that radiates from here are so […]

Thiruchuzhinathar and Arunagirinathar Read more

Thiruchuzhinathar and Arunagirinathar

Lord Siva manifests as the mighty mountain at Thiruvannamalai. While Kailash is considered as the abode of Lord Siva, the Tiruvannamalai is considered as Siva Himself. It is believed that liberation is attained by taking birth at Tiruvarur, by worshipping at Chidambaram or dying at Banaras but the mere thought (Smarana) of Arunachala is enough […]

Thiruppugazh – The Means and the End Read more

Thiruppugazh – The Means and the End

A Sadhaka has two-fold aim in his life; to lead this life here peacefully and perfectly and to take this life there, to its right and ultimate destination. Anyone would be able to achieve these two objectives easily by simple means of devotion. However, the path by which one walks in this life is always […]

Vallimalai Sri Satchidananda Swamigal Read more

Vallimalai Sri Satchidananda Swamigal

“Vangaraa Marbilani Tharoduyar Kodasaya”. The song came from a woman devotee. The venue was the hall before the sanctum sanctorum of Lord Palani Andavar. Among the many devotees who were waiting for the opening of the doors, Ardhanari was also one. While all others just heard this song, for Ardhanari, the song made an enormous […]

‘Guruji’ Sri A.S. Raghavan Read more

‘Guruji’ Sri A.S. Raghavan

Arumugamangalam is a small village in Tirunelveli District. The year was 1928. Sri Subbiah Sastrigal and Smt. Ramalakshmi Ammal couple felt sad that their four-year old boy was unable to walk. They took the child to the Doctor, but despite his best effort, the Doctor could not be of any help. ‘It seems, the disease […]

Aksharamana Malai (the Marital garland of letters) Read more

Aksharamana Malai (the Marital garland of letters)

A true devotee who has renounced all his desires would surrender unto God and subsist on what he gets as offering from others. He would adopt the ancient practice of Unjavriti; visiting nearby houses by rendering devotional song and seeking alms. One who has renounced his ego and desire has no hesitation in visiting a […]

Dharmamigu Chennai Read more

Dharmamigu Chennai

There are many factors that contribute to Chennai’s greatness and the prime one is the culture, the tradtion and the spiritual values it upholds. Almost every day, one finds some cultural activity like dance, drama or music taking place somewhere in the city. It is the city, where Lord Kapaleeswarar flanked by Karpagambal resides. There […]

Ego, Just Let It Go Read more

Ego, Just Let It Go

Devotees take different routes in their journey towards spiritual fulfilment. While some adopt the path of Karma (action), others take the path of Jnana (knowledge). Whatever path one decides to choose, his success in reaching his destination lies only in his ability to free himself from the clutches of ego. Since ego is the root […]