It is a blessing to be born as human.  Only human has Consciousness by which he is able to know himself and know his destiny.  Only the human has the power to discriminate what is real and what is unreal.   Only he has the power to pursue the path of truth and seek liberation from the world of Samsara (materialism).   ‘He is not an individual bound by certain limitations, he is the reflection of Brahman, the eternal reality,’ says Upanishad.   When conscious of his Self, he becomes the supreme, the Brahma Jnani; ever free, ever in peace, ever in bliss and ever pure and perfect.   But the mind which happens to be an unavoidable element in the human system, obscures his vision and brings a false notion; “’I am the body’.  The body is a mere medium to attain a higher end, but when the individual identifies himself with the body and mind, he comes under a shadow and forgets his natural state of purity and perfection.  Having identified himself with the body and mind, he comes under various limitations.        

The Tiruvannamalai born, 16th century saint, Sri Arunagirinathar was a Jnani.  Even in his young age, he has mastered all the Vedas and scriptures.  When he realized that his body was not functioning in harmony with his real nature, the Self, he decided to discard his body and fell from the top of the temple tower.  Amazingly, rather than landing on the hard surface of the ground, a soft and steady hand caught him and rescued him.  “You are not born to fall; you are born to make others rise,” said the saviour who was none other than Lord Muruga.  “Sing song about me, about my peacock, about my spear, about my rooster, about my temples and about my devotees” the Lord said.  With the grace and Upadesa (advice) received from Lord Muruga, Arunagirinathar started his glorious life visiting temples and singing the glory of Lord Muruga.  First he went to Vayalur Murugan temple and rendered his song: “Oh Muruga, you have graced me to sing the songs hailing your glory in beautiful verses of Thiruppugazh and I would never forget this blessing you have given me” (Seyppadhiyum Vaiththuyar Thiruppugazh Viruppamodu, Seppena Enakkarulgai….Maravene). 

We also experienced the grace of Muruga when a saint, Calcutta Sri Mani Iyer, came to our house at Kerala in the 50s and initiated all members of our family to Thiruppugazh form of worship. As years passed by, we realized what a previous treasure he has given us.  Thiruppugazh is a great treasure of knowledge.  This website is launched as a mark of our humble tribute to Guru who came in different forms in our life like Calcutta Sri Mani Iyer, Sri T.M. Krishnaswamy Iyer and Guruji Sri A.S. Raghavan, Sri N.V. Vaidyanathan and bestowed us with the nectar of Thiruppugazh, elevating us to a higher state of bliss.   

Thiruppugazh showed us the path of devotion.  As years passed by, Guru came in the form of Nochur Sri Venkataraman and illuminated us with his powerful discourse on Atma Jnana.  Now, I have gradually come to know the meanings of Thiruppugazh which I learned earlier.  The knowledge I derived after listening to his discourse is shared here under the title, “Sri Ramana Maharshi”.  Some impressions have been mentioned under the general category also.  May Lord Muruga’s grace be showered on all of you.