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The holy town of Palani was readying itself to witness a grand event,  Thaipusam.   The colourful procession of deities and music reverberating in the air, the temple city wore a festive look.  Among the many  devotees pouring into the town, … Continue Reading →

Kathirkamam, the abode of Skanda

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அருவமும் உருவும் ஆகி அநாதியாய்ப் பலவாய் ஒன்றாய்ப் பிரமமாய் நின்ற சோதிப் பிழம்பதோர் மேனியாகக் கருணைகூர் முகங்கள் ஆறும் கரங்கள் பன்னிரெண்டும் கொண்டே ஒருதிரு முருகன் வந்தாங்கு உதித்தனன் உலகம் உய்ய.-கந்தபுராணம் “He who is with form and without form, who has no beginning or end, who manifests as… Continue Reading →

The Magnificence of Muruga

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‘Muruga’; the very word spells charm, splendour, beauty, knowledge and power.  The people worship Him, admire Him, adore Him, respect him and love Him because they find that there is a divine and magnetic appeal in Him.   Muruga, the Lord… Continue Reading →

புத்தக விமர்சனம் –

ஸ்ரீ அருணகிரிநாதர் அருளிய “கந்தர் அனுபூதி”.

Dharmamigu Chennai

Buzzing streets, beaches, shopping arcades, monuments, moving vehicles, Metros and the skyscrapers do not sum up Chennai.  Chennai has a different face, quite different from all these diversities.  It has another face and that is its real face; the face… Continue Reading →


You would have seen a Brahmin Pundit with head-gear and garland, draped in saffron clothes and accompanied by devotional singers walking through the neighbourhood.  People come out, prostrate before the group and offer money and rice.  The saintly person leading… Continue Reading →

Thaipusam at Palani

Wherever a Muruga temple is located; whether in India, USA, Singapore, or Sri Lanka, Thai Pusam is celebrated there with gaiety, enthusiasm and devotion. But at Muruga temples in Palani, Thai Pusam is an especially grand and spectacular event. Every day, Palani… Continue Reading →

Kandhar Alaamgaram

விழிக்குத் துணை திரு மென்மலர்ப் பாதங்கள் மெய்ம்மை குன்றாமொழிக்குத் துணை முருகா வெனு நாமங்கள் முன்பு செய்தபழிக்குத் துணையவன் பன்னிரு தோளும் பயந்ததனிவழிக்குத் துணைவடி வேலுஞ்செங் கோடன் மயூரமுமே. He whose sacred Lotus feet gives the right vision,whose sacred names guide me to speak the right language,whose twelve… Continue Reading →

Ulladu Narpadu

Right from his Virupaksha time and throughout his stay at Sri Ramanasramam, those who called on Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi were many.   They came from different walks of life, in different stages and states.  Some came to experience the divine… Continue Reading →

Liberate yourself

There was a big banyan tree.  The trunk of the tree which sustains it symbolizes one’s karma, accumulated and carried over in successive births.  The branches having leaves and fruits represent the different experiences one undergoes in life.   As the… Continue Reading →

Kandhar Anubhuti & Aksharamana Malai

While Sri Arunagirinathar weaved many garlands of songs (Paamalai) and offered them to different manifestations of God, Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi made a garland of letters (Aksharamana Malai) and offered them to Lord Arunachala. While Arunagirinathar rendered over 16,000 songs… Continue Reading →

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