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Kathirkamam, the abode of Skanda

“He who is with form and without form, who has no beginning or end, who manifests as one and as many, who is the reflection of Brahman, the eternal reality, who originated as powerful flame of fire, whose six sacred faces full of grace and compassion, whose twelve arms ever extending blessings, who manifested as […]

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The Magnificence of Muruga

‘Muruga’; the very word spells charm, splendour, beauty, knowledge and power.  The people worship Him, admire Him, adore Him, respect him and love Him because they find that there is a divine and magnetic appeal in Him.   Muruga, the Lord of love and compassion exercises an enormous influence on the people.  In Palani, we find […]

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Ulladu Narpadu

Right from his Virupaksha time and throughout his stay at Sri Ramanasramam, those who called on Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi were many.   They came from different walks of life, in different stages and states.  Some came to experience the divine presence of Maharshi, some for an advice and some for an answer to questions bothering […]

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Liberate yourself

There was a big banyan tree.  The trunk of the tree which sustains it symbolizes one’s karma, accumulated and carried over in successive births.  The branches having leaves and fruits represent the different experiences one undergoes in life.   As the leaves grow up, mature and fall, the experience that one gains also pass on and […]

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Kandhar Anubhuti & Aksharamana Malai

While Sri Arunagirinathar weaved many garlands of songs (Paamalai) and offered them to different manifestations of God, Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi made a garland of letters (Aksharamana Malai) and offered them to Lord Arunachala. While Arunagirinathar rendered over 16,000 songs in eloquent verses of Thiruppugazh, Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi remained in silence most of the […]

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The holy town of Palani was readying itself to witness a grand event,  Thaipusam.   The colourful procession of deities and music reverberating in the air, the temple city wore a festive look.  Among the many  devotees pouring into the town,  there was one who came Thrissur, Kerala.  While camping at the premises of his friend, […]

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“Summa Iru”

There are two things an individual is normally engaged in; either his body is busy doing something or his mind is engaged in thinking something. Seldom does he remain as ‘himself’, free from all influences.  Seldom does he remain in his natural state of peace and happiness. When he remains thoughtless and speechless, he attains […]

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Guruvayur, the Heaven on Earth

“There shines in holy temple of Guruvayur what at first appears to be an image but in reality, the Truth-Consciousness and Bliss, the Brahman, the Supreme, the incomparable, the incomprehensible, limitless, the ultimate end which all the scriptures, Vedas and human seek.  Blessed indeed is the humanity that such a divine Supreme exists among them […]

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Kanda Sashti Kavacham

A saint went to  Palani to worship Lord Dhandayuthapani.  First, he decided to perform the Giri Pradakshinam; the act of going round the hill reciting the sacred names of the Lord.  As he was walking around the hill, he was distressed to see certain sights.  There were people suffering from acute diseases, there were poor […]

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The Self gives the consciousness by which we are able to experience our existence in all stages of life like youth, middle age and old age and in all states like deep sleep, dream and waking.  Though the Consciousness reveals itself at all times, the individual Jiva is not able to realize it because in […]

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Garland of Hymns to Muruga

Apart from the garland of songs which Arunagirinathar has weaved and offered as Thiruppugazh, he has also made beautiful garland of hymns to adore Muruga. While the garland of songs hailed the Lord and sought His grace, the garland of hymns like Kandhar Anubhuti revealed his own experience of having received the grace. While the […]