The hill that wards of sins, karmas and Vasanas,
the hill that represents the element of fire,
the hill that liberates the soul at mere thought,
It is Tiruvannamalai hill, the abode of Arunachala.

Here, at this sacred place appeared, a brilliant star.
He was Arunagiri, the embodiment of devotion.
Muruga appeared before him with sparkling Vel
like thousand brilliant suns rising together.

Manifesting as Guru, Muruga rendered Upadesa,
gave him the chain of sacred beads,
enlightened him with the grace of Jnana
and transformed him into an eloquent poet.

“Sing Thiruppugazh about me”, Lord commanded
“about my abode, about my Vel and Seval”.
A steady stream of songs flowed from the saint
and the stream of Thiruppugazh immersed all over.

Studded with pearls of devotion and gems of wisdom,
Thiruppugazh is indeed a treasure invaluable.
As it came with the blessing of Muruga
it carried a unique divinity and power.

The light that radiated from Thiruppugazh
awakened us from the world of Maya.
It taught us the doctrine of Valli Sanmarga,
the unity of aspiring soul with eternal reality.

The grace that flowed from Thiruppugazh
blessed Guruji Raghavan with an endearing voice;
the voice that was picked up by thousand other voices,
the voice that is heard here and far beyond.

Blessed are the devotees gifted with Thiruppuazh;
the songs elevated them from darkness,
removed their fears and anxieties
and gave them confidence to live a life of truth.
As I render the beautiful verses of ‘Kandar Alamgaram’
and marvel at the grandeur and majesty of Muruga
I stand folding my hands before saint Arunagiri
who wrote those marvelous verses of beauty.

Embroiled in the world of ignorance and myth
I wandered in darkness, without a hold and support
till at last I found the silver lining of ‘Anubhuti’
and experienced peace, goodwill and tranquillity.

Rendering ‘Kandar Anubhuti’ gave me a direction.
As I remained quiet, still and silent,
liberated from the influence of body and mind
I was transcended to a state of bliss.

He, who renders the resplendent verses of ‘Anthadi’,
recites the names of the Lord having no beginning or end,
would experience the presence of the infinite God
in the deep recess of his heart.

Oh Arunagiri, you got the vision of Muruga
and received the saintly advice direct.
How compassionate you are to share it with us
and elevate us to your own state

Oh Arunagiri, what a beautiful garland you weaved
with the fragrant flowers of Thiruppugazh as offering
We will adorn Muruga with this garland with devotion
and seek to remain at his Lotus Feet for ever.

Oh Arunagiri! you have come as our Guru;
gave Anbargal the nectar of Thiruppugazh,
paving the way for a life of ever-lasting happiness;
happiness not only in this life but even beyond it.

Oh Arunagiri, come to us every day and inspire us
to chant thy songs for at least ‘half a minute’
let thy words of wisdom go through ‘both my ears’
and let my heart ever brims in devotion to Muruga.

By: V.S. Krishnan.

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