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Thiruppugazh Through Generations

Muruga worship, done through different means, is very ancient. It dates back to several centuries. From the day Muruga blessed him and Arunagirinathar composed his brilliant work of devotion, ‘Thiruppugazh’ became synonymous with Muruga worship. Thiruppugazh was hailed as wonderful… Continue Reading →

‘Guruji’ Sri A.S. Raghavan

Though he took up a position in office at Bombay, it was music that was pulsating in his heart. He got the opportunity to learn music from Sri Vaidyanatha Bhagavathar, a great Pundit. Even while doing his duties, Sri Raghavan… Continue Reading →

‘Thiruppugazh Mani, Sri T.M. Krishnaswamy Iyer

A judge residing at Mylapore was too pre-occupied with his legal profession. Like a true Karma Yogi, he was always engaged in doing  the work assigned to him.  Even while at home, he would be studying the papers and preparing… Continue Reading →

Vallimalai Sri Sachidananda Swamigal

“Vangaraa Marbilani Tharoduyar Kodasaya”. The song came from a woman devotee. The venue was the sacred shrine of Lord Palani Andavar. Among those who were waiting for the opening of the doors, Ardhanari was also one. While all others just… Continue Reading →

‘Thanigaimani’ Sri Chengalvarayan

It was sometime in 1871. The Cuddalore District Court was hearing a petition on who qualifies to perform Puja at Chidambaram Temple. The existing priests themselves were arguing their case. They said the practice was originally entrusted to the priest… Continue Reading →

The Lotus Feet

The journey of a devotee is always not smooth. It is almost similar to the experience of the devotee heading towards Palani during Thaipusam. When tired and exhausted after long hours of bare-foot walking, without food and shelter, he leans… Continue Reading →

Arunachala Ramana and Kanchi Paramacharya

The eternal power which the Brahman represents, the source of knowledge, that illuminates the whole universe is manifested as Arunachala and shines brilliantly at Tiruvannamalai. The name Arunachala spells truth, knowledge and bliss. While Kailash is considered as the seat… Continue Reading →

Sri Ramana Maharshi, The Eternal Guru

The young age is a very important stage in one’s life.  This is the time, like a flower that blooms in the morning, the inherent qualities of the youth unfold, when the perfection within manifests and the urge for spiritual… Continue Reading →

Thaipusam at Palani

The advent of ‘Thai’, the auspicious Tamil month, heralds a new era of happiness and prosperity. This month is significant in many respects. On this day, also known as Makara Sankranti, the sun changes direction towards north (uttarayanam). It is… Continue Reading →

Power of Silence

“Salutations to Sri Dakshinamurti, who is ever in youth, who is surrounded by aged disciples, the most enlightened among Masters, whose hand signals the ultimate end of knowledge, who ever appears in bliss, who is ever established in Self and… Continue Reading →

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