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Power of Silence

“Salutations to Sri Dakshinamurti, who is ever in youth, who is surrounded by aged disciples, the most enlightened among Masters, whose hand signals the ultimate end of knowledge, who ever appears in bliss, who is ever established in Self and who conveys the eternal truth, the Brahma Jnana through silence.” (Mouna Vyakya prakatitha Para Brahma […]

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Remain Quiet (Summa Iru)

There are two things an individual is normally engaged in; either his body is busy doing something or his mind is engaged in thinking something. Seldom does he remain, free from all distractions, as ‘being himself’. Seldom does he remain in his natural state of peace and happiness. It was Arunagirinathar who stressd the importance […]

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What is Special About Krishna’s Flute?

While pasturing the cattle in the forest near Vrindavan, in the company of Balaram, Krishna started playing his flute. As the sweet sound of music, flowed from the flute of Krishna, resonated all over the land, it created a divine air in the atmosphere. Hearing the music, all the activities that men and women were […]

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Arunagirinathar and Thiruchuzhinathar

  Arunagirinathar was born in 16th century and Sri Ramana Maharshi appeared around three centuries later. While Arunagirinathar was born at Tiruvannamalai, graced by Muruga and went all over Tamil Nadu and beyond, Sri Ramana Maharshi born near Madurai reached Tiruvannamalai and never left from there. Blessed by Muruga, Arunagirinathar adopted the path of devotion […]

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Thiruppugazh, the Musical Way of Worship

All our family members, trained in Thiruppugazh, were rendering the Bhajan at the temple nearby. A family bhajan in a temple? I will begin at the beginning. We are ardent devotees of Lord Muruga. Our devotion grows only stronger every time we feel that God is putting it to test. Once, my brother-in-law left my […]

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You are one among the blessed Anbargals who have been initiated to the Thiruppugazh form of worship. Initially, you would experience as if you are driving a Nano car, going through the streets in your town, doing some shopping (Udukka Thukil Vendum) or looking out for a good alliance (Neelangol Megathin) or attempting to own […]

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Arunagirinatha! Oh! Arunagurunatha!

The hill that wards of sins, karmas and Vasanas, the hill that represents the element of fire, the hill that liberates the soul at mere thought, It is Tiruvannamalai hill, the abode of Arunachala. Here, at this sacred place appeared, a brilliant star. He was Arunagiri, the embodiment of devotion. Muruga appeared before him with […]

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Kandhar Andhati

Kandhar Andhati, a set of hymns consisting of 100 stanzas, is remarkable for its many wonderful features. The entire composition of 100 verses of four lines starts with 8 letters: Si, See, Se, Saay, Thi, Thee, Thei, Theey. Besides, all the four lines start with same word, yet each word carry different meaning. Another notable […]

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Arunagirinathar and Jnana Sambhandar

The Saiva Sidhantam speaks of Siva as the ultimate Truth, Siva as the source of all beings and Siva as the ultimate end of liberation. Arunagirinathar did not see Muruga as separate from Siva. In many of his songs, Arunagirinathar refers to Muruga as symbolizing Siva and he does not distinguish between the two. In […]

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Kandar Anubhuti

There were sages who have renounced everything, done penance, rendered songs and realized God at the end. In case of Arunagirinathar, he was blessed enough to realize God at the beginning and then shared his experience through songs. An experience is something personal. What one experiences cannot be explained to another. However, Arunagirinathar has shared […]